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Admission Requirements

A minimum of two years of relevant work experience in offshore wind energy is required for admission to the Offshore Wind Energy MBA programme. Each application is considered individually and we welcome qualifications from a variety of backgrounds. At the same time, a Bachelor’s degree or other equivalent qualification is required.
If applicants do not meet these criteria, they may still be considered to participate in a module if they can demonstrate other capabilities or relevant professional qualifications e.g. more than 5 years’ business experience in the industry, but unfortunately they cannot graduate with the MBA degree.
The Offshore Wind Energy MBA is an English language programme and the modules are highly interactive. Candidates must have a very good command of English to successfully participate in the modules and must complete an extensive pre-reading. The workshops require face-to-face participation.
Participants study the MBA programme part-time alongside a full-time job in the offshore wind industry.


The fee per module is 2000 € (In this price coffee/breakfast, lunch and afternoon coffee/cake is included)