Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Offshore Wind Energy MBA

This course aims at providing a consistent background of how companies in the offshore wind energy sector plan, organize and execute their logistics and manage complex, manifold industry supply chains. Several logistics and supply chain risk management measures have to be considered and implemented especially for Offshore heavy lift operations and transport of project cargo. In parallel, new market developments with growing technical requirements are demanding innovative solutions and equipment for bottom-fixed & floating wind farms.

Apply here until September, 7th 2021 for the next course.

Basic Information

  • €2000
  • 2×2 days of workshops
  • Next Workshop dates: 12. & 13.10.2021 + 30.11. & 01.12.2021
  • Place: Hamburg, Germany
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  • Based on industry examples this module will introduce participants to concepts, methods and tools to improve their capacity to manage relevant logistics activities from a successful early project development stage to the operations phase.
Admission Requirements

To be considered as an applicant for the Offshore Wind Energy MBA programme, the candidate is already a professional with relevant work experience. Each application is considered individually and we welcome qualifications from various backgrounds.
The formal criteria is a bachelor or other equivalent degree combined with two years’ work experience. If the applicants do not meet this criteria, they may still be considered if they can demonstrate other capabilities or relevant professional qualifications e.g. more than 5 years’ business experience in the industry.
The Offshore Wind Energy MBA is an English-taught programme and the modules are highly interactive. Candidates must show proficiency in English to successfully participate in the modules and go through extensive pre-reading.


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