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Offshore Wind Energy MBA

The course aims at improving students’ competences in leadership, by mostly focusing on challenging and turbulent contexts and enable them to realize the aspects of effective leadership and performance management of people and organizations.
In particular, the course seeks to provide an in-depth understanding of the inner dynamics of human brain that enabling organizational decisions and boosting leadership capabilities targeting at high performance levels of individuals and teams.
Apply here until August, 19th 2019 for the next course.

Basic Information

  • €2000
  • 2x2 days of workshops
  • Next Workshop dates: September, 9th & 10th + September, 19th & 20th
  • Place: Ostend, Belgium
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pointer The Brain Adaptive Leadership approach will be utilized that relates to the intellectual mindset about leadership as well as to underlying emotional dynamics and brain automations.
pointer The Complex Adaptive Leadership approach will be used to explain complexity and change in modern organizations, providing with insightful ideas and practices of how managers can deal with challenging situations.
pointer Special emphasis will be given on leadership style and specific change management practices that enhance team and organizational performance.

To be considered as an applicant for the Offshore Wind Energy MBA programme, the candidate is already a professional with relevant work experience. Each application is considered individually and we welcome qualifications from various backgrounds.

The formal criteria is a bachelor or other equivalent degree combined with two years’ work experience. If the applicants do not meet this criteria, they may still be considered if they can demonstrate other capabilities or relevant professional qualifications e.g. more than 5 years’ business experience in the industry.

The Offshore Wind Energy MBA is an English-taught programme and the modules are highly interactive. Candidates must show proficiency in English to successfully participate in the modules and go through extensive pre-reading.

Develop students’ understanding of managing people in organisations.

Show that leadership is a balance between meeting needs for organisational integration and adapting to the organisational, local national, international contexts.

Make students aware of a series of new ideas, concepts, and practices of people management based on scientific insights from complexity science, behavioural science and neuroscience.

This module is conducted along Blue Growth Summer School.
More information on the Blue Growth Summer School can be found here.

The special rates for professionals are:
- Participations for 6 days (both modules without the 4 days of the MBA): 900 EUR.
This encompasses the courses, lunch and tea breaks, excursions, events, accommodation (same as for students: single room in a chalet - hotel is optional)
- Participation one BGSS module (maritime or marine): 750 EUR per week
- Participation one day: 150 EUR per day

If you are interested to participate in the BGSS, please contact the University of Ghent by following email address:


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Innovative Project management

Future Scenarios in Strategy Development

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