Risk Management & Legal issues

Offshore Wind Energy MBA

The course covers both general aspects of the legal systems in the North Sea Region (UK, BE, NL, GE, DK, SWE and NO) as well as legal issues specific for the Offshore wind energy sector. Apply for Risk Management & Legal Issues here.

Basic Information

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  • 2x2 days of workshops
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pointer Basic differences in the national legal systems in the North Sea Region and their impact managing an offshore wind farm
pointer Introduction to international maritime law, e.g. marine zones (EEZ, continental shelf, etc.), safety zones, marine environmental protection, undersea cables, etc.
pointer Contract issues between the owner of wind parks and the suppliers including general liability and typical contractual clauses between the owner of wind parks and the suppliers.
pointer Protection and safety requirements
pointer Selected Environmental issues / EIA-assessments
pointer Energy related legislation
pointer Legal issues embedded in technical norms
pointer Labour legislation
pointer Data protection law, e.g. for camera surveillance, AIS data, telemedical care, data security, etc.

The participants will understand the differences in the national legal systems in the North Sea Region. They are aware of legal requirements relevant for the management of offshore wind farms and are able to identify situations where a legal aspect in agreements or management requires specific attention in order avoid hidden risks. Participants can specify requirements to legal experts in situations where an in-depth competency is needed, which is beyond usual managerial scope.


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