The Offshore Wind Energy MBA is a joint qualification offer of the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven (Germany) and the Business Academy Southwest in Esbjerg (Denmark)

We offer an accredited study programme with MBA degree.

Our typical students are professionals from the offshore wind industry, who would like to develop their managerial skills on top of their technical expertise. The programme is designed for part-time study, so it can be combined with professional life. Usually, we offer our modules quarterly (2×2 workshop days per module). 

Each module is conducted by a team of lecturers, an academic lecturer for the whole course and a lecturer from business who brings in a challenging, up-to-date and real-life case. The fee per module is 2000 € (In this price coffee/breakfast, lunch and afternoon coffee/cake is included). The fee per course is 2000 € (In this price coffee/breakfast, lunch and afternoon coffee/cake is included)

The standard programme consists of 9 modules and the master thesis typically in a period of study is 2,5 years.

The Offshore Wind Energy MBA is supported by Advisory Boards in Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands, in which highly reputable companies in the industry participate. This way, we ensure the study content has a high practical relevance in addition to its thorough academic orientation.

Cooperation Partners

Where suitable we cooperate with further partners, who are active in the Offshore Wind Energy sector. Cooperations take place on an academic level, where we work together with educational institutions, or on an organizational level, where we are supported by companies or other institutions by using their facilities for modules etc.

We further develop the current programme supported by Erasmus+ in the WISE offshore project together with and DOB Academy.

Other examples of cooperation are with the Blue Growth Summer School, organized by the University of Gent and taking place in the facilities of Greenbridge, Ostende, or the cooperation with DNVGL, where the workshops of the module “Innovative Project Management” took place.

Advisory Board

Internationally recognized companies from the offshore wind industry are members of the Danish or German Advisory Board for the Offshore Wind Energy MBA.

The advisory board members participate actively in the development of the MBA modules by providing expert advice and key information.


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lukas

University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven
Work Package Leader/ Member of the Study Board


University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven
Research Associate

Flemming Østergaard

Business Academy Southwest
Department Manager/ Member of the Study Board

Sigurður Blöndal

Business Academy Southwest
Lecturer / R&D projects/ Member of the Study Board

Lisbeth Brøde Jepsen

Maritime & Logistics Innovation Denmark (MARLOG) / Member of the Study Board

Hendrik Goos

De Oude Bibliotheek Academy

Else Lauridsen

Business Academy Southwest,
Digital Development Consultant, Ph.D.