Programme for Offshore Wind Energy MBA modules

Where possible, all workshops will be held as physical workshops with compulsory attendance. However, due to the corona situation, some workshops may need to offer both physical and online attendance, while others will be held entirely online.

*(ml): main lecturer (clb): co-lecturer from business 

ModuleLecturersWorkshopsLocationRegistration Deadline
Future Scenarios in Strategy DevelopmentPalle Mørkøre (ml), Michael Bang (clb)Online introduction:
Workshop 1:
26.10. & 27.10.2023
Workshop 2:
04.12. & 05.12.2023
Esbjerg, Denmark01.10.2023
Operational LeadershipHenrik Steffensen (ml), Michael Bang (clb)Online introduction:
17.01.24 Kl. 16-17:00
Workshop 1:
06.02. & 07.02.2024 Workshop 2:
12.03. & 13.03. 2024
Esbjerg, Denmark12.01.2024
Power-to-X – Business DevelopmentPalle Mørkøre (ml), Lisbeth Brøde Jepsen (clb)Q1/Q2-2024Esbjerg, Denmark
Environmental ManagementDr. Robbert Jak (ml)Q3-2024Delft, The Netherlands
Economics of Offshore Wind FarmsProf. Dr. Marita Balks, Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft, Berlin (ml)Q3/Q4-2024Germany
Innovation through CollaborationProf. Dr. René Goduscheit (ml), Lisbeth Brøde Jepsen (clb)Q4-2024, Q1-2025Esbjerg, Denmark
Logistics and Supply Chain ManagementLars Engelmann (ml), Malte Paul (clb)Q1/Q2-2025Hamburg, Germany
People ManagementProf. Dr. Alexandros Psychogios (ml)Q3/Q4-2025Hamburg, Germany
Operational Safety and Risk ManagementProf. Dr. Dominic KudlacekQ4-2025Bremerhaven, Germany
Legal issuesRasmus C. L. Pedersen (ml), Casper Gammelgaard (clb)Q1/Q2-2026Esbjerg, Denmark
Innovative Project ManagementProf. Dr.-Eng. Holger Lange, Hochschule Bremerhaven (ml),
Niels Bjaert, Siemens Gamesa, Brande (clb)
Q2/Q3-2026Bremerhaven, Germany