Programme for Offshore Wind Energy MBA modules

! Please be aware that the modules will only take place if the covid 19 situation allows face-to-face meetings with people from different countries then. Please still let us know in case you are interested to join, so we can keep in touch with you about rescheduling.


(ml): main lecturer

(clb): co-lecturer from business 


People Management

lecturer: Prof. Alexandros Psychogios

  • Workshop 1: 20.07.2021 & 21.07. 2021 
  • Workshop 2: 24.08.2021 & 25.08.2021 
  • Registration deadline: 21.06.2021

Operational Safety and Risk Management 

lecturers: Prof. Dominic Kudlacek (ml), Dirk Schreiber (clb)

Operational Leadership 

lecturers: Michael Bang (ml), Henrik Steffensen (clb)

Futures Scenarios 

lecturers: Palle Mørkøre (ml), Michael Bang (clb)

Economics of Wind Farms

lecturers: Prof. Marita Balks (ml), Tobias van Baarsen (clb), Karim Mesbahi (clb)

Innovation through Collaboration

lecturers: Lisbeth Brøde Jepsen (ml), Prof. René Goduscheit (clb)

Global Business 

lecturers: Flemming Østergaard (ml), Sigurd Blöndal (ml), Ole Christiansen (clb)

Logistics and Supply Management 

lecturers: Lars Engelmann (ml), Thore Schreiber (clb)

There is no particular registration deadline for the whole Master’s degree programme. Instead, each module has a registration deadline on its own. You may start your Master’s programme by registering for any module any time of the year (within the module’s registration period), as there is no given sequence of modules. 

Deadlines for the final assignments: always 2 weeks after end of 2nd workshop

Date of the debriefing video conferences: always 3 weeks after end of 2nd workshop

Admission Requirements: To be a successful applicant of  the Offshore Wind Energy MBA programme, the candidate is already a professional with relevant work experience. Each application is considered individually and we welcome qualifications from various backgrounds. The formal criteria is a bachelor or other equivalent degree combined with two years’ work experience.  The Offshore Wind Energy MBA is an English-taught programme and the modules are highly interactive. Candidates must show proficiency in English to successfully participate in the modules and go through extensive pre-reading.

Price: The fee per course is 2000 € (In this price is included coffee/breakfast, lunch and afternoon coffee/cake)

If you would like more information, please contact us:

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