Innovative Project Management

Traditional project management courses teach systematic approaches to project planning. This is a strenght but also a disadvantage. The course aims at giving the students the ability to adapt project planning to a specific environment.

Operational Safety and Risk Management

This course covers both general and specific aspects of management of risks in the Offshore Wind Sector, as well as legal issues relevant for the North Sea Region.

People Management

In order to cope with optimization and industrialization requirements on the one side and with still challenging risks on the other side the competences of every staff member as well as the leadership capabilities of managerial staff will play a crucial role in order to achieve success.

Future Scenarios in Strategy Development

This module will provide participants with new insights regarding long term development options, thereby identifying opportunities for strategic development of their business.

Operational Leadership

Anyone can claim to be a leader but this claim only works if someone is prepared to follow a leader. This will happen if followers sense that a leader posesses leadership skills.

Innovation through Collaboration

The competitiveness of companies depends highly on the ability to introduce new innovative products, processes and services. In the recent years the focus of management of innovation has shifted towards how companies source their inputs for innovation external through interorganizational collaboration.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Logistics is key within the Offshore Wind Energy Sector. Learn together with other participants and real cases more about it.

Economics of Offshore Wind Farms

Following a systems thinking approach, this course will teach the students to financially and strategically model different scenarios taking most of the variables affecting the lifecycle of offshore wind projects into consideration.

Global Business

The geographical scope within the Offshore Wind industry has expanded from regional focus to a larger global perspective, where there has been extensive growth. This module offers a framework for analysis, development and implementation of global offshore wind business.

MBA Thesis

Finalize your MBA with our MBA Thesis.

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