Global Business

Globalization describes the growing interdependence of the world’s economies, cultures, and populations, driven by cross-border trade in goods & services, technology, and flows of investment and people, aided by information technology.

Global business is therefore the concept of companies developing, producing, selling and distributing products and services in multiple countries around the world. As governments over time have reduced trade & investment barriers and entered free trade agreements, companies can now produce and sell in many countries and companies compete and collaborate in both domestic and foreign markets.

The geographical scope within Offshore Wind industry has expanded from regional focus to a larger global perspective, where there has been extensive growth. Companies within the industry are following this development which demands further understanding of a global perspective and an understanding of foreign market entry as well as different local business environment.

This module offers a framework for analysis, development and implementation of global offshore wind business.

Learning Goals:

  • Initiation to internationalize
  • Development of international competences and competitiveness in companies
  • Market entry selection and strategies
  • Designing and implementing global business thinking and programmes
  • Competition and collaboration in a global context
  • Cross cultural understanding – sales, negotiations, learning and knowledge management

Relevant information:

Admission Requirements:

To be considered as an applicant for the Offshore Wind Energy MBA programme, the candidate is already a professional with relevant work experience. Each application is considered individually and we welcome qualifications from various backgrounds.

The formal criteria is a bachelor or other equivalent degree combined with two years’ work experience.

The Offshore Wind Energy MBA is an English-taught programme and the modules are highly interactive. Candidates must show proficiency in English to successfully participate in the modules and go through extensive pre-reading.

Learning Outcome:

The module will give participating students an opportunity to employ understanding of factor endowments, intensity of rivalry, local demand conditions and competitiveness of related and supporting industries, creating a foreign national competitive advantage.


Flemming Østergaard

Lecturer at Business Academy South West

Sigurd Blöndal

Senior R&D specialist and lecturer at Business Academy South West